How To Use New Withholding Tax Table On Compensation Income (TRAIN)

With Republic Act 10963 otherwise known as Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) in effect this year, the BIR has released this week the procedures on how to use the revised Withholding Tax table on employees’ compensation. A second version of the revised withholding tax table was also released.

Here are  viewable forms and direct links to the procedures issued by the BIR, along with the updated withholding tax table.

Procedures on the use of Withholding Tax table on compensation income

(direct link)

RMC No 1-2018

Revised Withholding Tax table  (version 2):

(direct link)

WT table

Make sure to update your payroll computations, especially if you are using an existing payroll system, software, or service.



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